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Featuring: India.Arie, Santigold, Esperanza Spaulding, Imani Uzuri, Janelle Monae, Alice Smith and Jean Grae.    

Issue No.15 ~ 13 April 2005

IGNITE ~ Identity Crisis
HOT.GRRRLS ~ Dionne Farris
ISM ~ DeLuxe (Ellen Gallagher - artist)
Sexual Harassment Claims
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Girl Rappers


Issue No.14 ~ 27 february 2004

IGNITE ~ Black Exposure
Aunjanue Ellis
ISM ~ Bridge & Tunnel (Sarah Jones, writer & performer)
Melanin Matters
CHICA TO CHICA ~Holiday Blues & New Year Highs


Issue No.13 ~ 26 september 2003

IGNITE ~ We're Back!
Amina Lawal
Having It All (Veronica Chambers, author)
Ovarian Cancer
Black Love


Issue No.12 ~ 02 january 2003

IGNITE ~ Family Matters
HOT GIRLZ ~ Maria Perez-Brown
ISM ~ Catch A Fire designed by Cedella Marley
ESOTERIC ~ Our Buying Power
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Father Could But Daughter Should


Issue No.11 ~ 27 may 2002

IGNITE ~ Goddesses Brew
HOT GIRLZ ~ Cree Summer
ESOTERIC ~ College Sports
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Media Fasting


Issue No.10 ~ 25 march 2002

IGNITE ~ Represent
HOT GIRLZ ~ Heather B
ISM ~ Monsoon Wedding (a film by Mira Nair)
ESOTERIC ~ The Importance of Breastfeeding
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Sex and The Homogenized City


Issue No.9 ~ 11 february 2002

IGNITE ~ A New Year’s Revolution
HOT GIRLZ ~ Margaret Cho
ISM ~ I am Ali (a film by dream hampton)
ESOTERIC ~ Women of Color & Cervical Cancer
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Interracial Love Reveals Hidden Hate


Readers Respond ~ 31 october 2001

Psychologically the events of September 11th have placed us in
emotional pockets that we are all struggling to reckon with. How
we respond has not just become a matter of sensitivity, but a
cathartic release. Since that issue we’ve received a number of notes,
letters and even one rhyme in response to the tragedy and to our
issue. Here are some of your notes and letters.


Reflections ~ 01 october 2001

September 11th 2001. The day, time stood still. A day that seems
to have never ended. Within that solitary day there is an eternity
of shock, terror, death, life, fire, smoke, sunlight, dust, sorrow
and hysteria.


Issue No.8 ~ 26 july 2001

IGNITE ~ Activism
HOT GIRLZ ~ Hydeia Broadbent
ISM ~ Voice of the Voiceless
ESOTERIC ~ Latinas & Mammograms


Issue No.7 ~ 01 april 2001

IGNITE ~ One Year Old
HOT GIRLZ ~ Bahamadia & Suphala
ISM ~ Yo Mama’s Last Supper
ESOTERIC ~ What We Earn
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Growth and Retrospect


Commemoration ~ 03 march 2001

Mfon Essien, one of today’s most promising photographers
and one of our featured Hot Girlz, lost her battle with breast
cancer, at the age of 34, on February 14th. Her transition
came just one day before her work, “The Amazon’s New Clothes,”
went on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.


Issue No.6 ~ 21 february 2001

IGNITE ~ Can’t Take Your Wine When You Die
HOT GIRLZ ~ Mellody Hobson
ISM ~ Black, White & Jewish
ESOTERIC ~ Women of Color at Work
CHICA TO CHICA ~ I Am My Daughter’s Mother


Issue No.5 ~ 27 january 2001

IGNITE ~ A Female Perspective
ISM ~ Interpreter of Maladies
ESOTERIC ~ A First for American Banker


Issue No.4 ~ 29 november 2000

IGNITE ~ The Boriqua in Me
HOT GIRLZ ~ Vinia Mojica
ISM ~ Ihlo
ESOTERIC ~ Women who Self-Nurture
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Life After Incarceration


Issue No.3 ~ 07 november 2000

IGNITE ~ The Body Politic
HOT GIRLZ ~ Mfon Essien
ESOTERIC ~ Email and Women
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Steps For Creating A Spiritual Life, & Mirrors

    Issue No.2 ~ 12 august 2000

IGNITE ~ Live Life Today
HOT GIRLZ ~ Sarah Jones & Liza Colon-Zayas
ISM ~ Vagina Monologues, Black Girl In Paris, &
ESOTERIC ~ Blood Pressure In Black Women
TO CHICA ~ Knowing Your Self-Worth

Issue No.1 ~ 31 march 2000

IGNITE ~ Something New
HOT GIRLZ ~ Jill Scott, Amel Larrieux & Heather Headley
ISM ~ Kirikou and The Sorceress, & Fallen Leaves
ESOTERIC ~ Minority Women Less Likely To Exercise
CHICA TO CHICA ~ Flower Power


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