February 14, 2010

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Screw Cupid


“I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy.” ~Anais Nin

If life is like a box of chocolates, then why do we get so crazy over gifting and receiving chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Because like Christmas and Easter, Valentine’s Day is yet another marketing scheme developed by the confectionery industry to get our loot by selling the idea that love is connected to gift giving. Unlike Christmas and Easter, Valentine’s Day is not concerned with Jesus, however like both holidays there is a cute sales rep to ease you into spending your hard earned dollars in exchange for feelings of validation, happiness and inclusiveness. Along with Santa and the Easter bunny, we have Cupid in all in his Lil Lord Fauntleroy splendor shooting dopamine spiked arrows and deluding folk into buying hot pink satin thongs and bouquets of red roses to show their boo just how much they are adored.

Valentine’s Day is just another day to me. As far as I am concerned everyday should be Godiva eatin’, champagne sipping siestas of back rubs and poems read, adoration fests of tight embraces and long kisses, and reciprocation revivals of dishwashing, child rearing, and of course lovemaking. I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t define myself or my joy based upon my relationship status. Single, married or booed-up we should all be bold enough to be in love with ourselves. A few years ago I wrote this now infamous and very popular essay about February 14th and LOVE. Please check it out here.

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  • sharon
    February 15th, 2010 10:54 am

    The image of cupid taken out by his own arrow is hysterical.

    I hear you. Well-written, as always. And very much on point. I enjoy Valentine’s Day, though. Always have. I take what I find lovely about it and leave the saccharine silliness to Hallmark. I spent yesterday not with a lover, but with my ailing mother and it was beautiful.