theHotness.com celebrates the individual style, culture, vision and wit of young urban women by featuring provocative music, book and film reviews, gritty style pictorials and exclusive interviews with artists, entrepreneurs and activists that are well known and with those that aren’t so well known.  Not just for mere entertainment, these stories appear alongside features on women’s health, motherhood, racism, body image and global activism, proving that being political and grassroots can take on many forms, faces and personalities. theHotness is fresh because it promotes another face of feminism that is nuanced, hip, accessible and edgy.

Established in 2000 by NYC-based writer Nicole Moore, theHotness.com quickly became the online destination for women who wanted insightful features on groundbreaking women like Sade, Esperanza Spalding, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Margaret Cho.  Already boasting a long list of subscribers from every corner of the world, theHotness provides urban grrrls from Jersey City to Johannesburg to Japan with an authentic, up-close look at style, culture and politics. Whether we are talking about sexism or Baduism, the First Lady or the last Alexander McQueen show, the Hotness epitomizes all that is fresh, exciting, intelligent and cutting-edge in urban lifestyle.

Targeted to women 22–49 years old, theHotness is a destination for women who desire more from their media sources than mascara tips and celebrity gossip to empower and entertain. While women of color continue to evolve and grow in our buying power and stylistic scope, the media outlets that claim to tell our stories have not. Always three steps ahead of the pack, theHotness is about the rules women make and then break in style, politics, business and relationships. theHotness reflects and captures the fire and spirit that makes young urban women so dynamic and distinctive.