July 28, 2009

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theHotness 2.0!


I have come to believe… that what is important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” –Audre Lorde

Rebooted. Re-ignited. Revised and Re-visioned. After a sorely needed hiatus and also some much needed retooling, theHotness is back, baby!

On March 31, 2000 I launched theHotness in the form of an e-newsletter that “celebrated the creativity, ingenuity and straight-up flava of women of color.” So much has changed since then, but some things– those authentic things, never change. In that issue we featured Amel Larrieux and Jill Scott, two singers that are still giving us music that inspires, engages and incites our senses. So it is with theHotness. Fire then, fiya now.

Fusing original features like our exclusive interviews and book reviews with newer elements— a blog, social networking through Facebook and exclusive video footage, theHotness is as opinionated, smart, funny, complicated, defiant, deep, aware, sexy, strong, and passionate as ever!

STEREOPHONIC features the freshest and funkiest young women in music; HOT GRRRLS profiles multi-culti dames breaking stereotypes and raising the bar in business, politics, media and the arts; go inside the homes of our favorite Hot Grrrls in PAD; for hot products and fly gadgets check BOOTY; and get my uncensored, unabashed point of view in REAL TALK. I’m laying it all out on the line here and want so much for theHotness to be another face of feminism that is nuanced, hip, accessible, and edgy like Erykah, Nina, Chaka, Mary, MIA, and Serena; like Zora, Octavia, Alice, Toni, Frida, and of course Michelle.

theHotness 2.0– the cipher space for cutting-edge, groundbreaking, artistically fresh multi-culti dames who revel in being rebels and use passion and individuality as their weapons of mass construction.

Spirit. Fire. She.


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  • Michael A. Gonzales
    August 5th, 2009 10:20 am

    Welcome back Miz Hotness…you’ve been missed!