October 1, 2010

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How Daddy Made Me a Fly Woman

Last weekend while standing in the condiments aisle of Marshall’s looking for an awesome ginger chile sauce, I bumped into an old friend. Eyes kinda puffy, she had been crying. She just lost her dad like a month ago and just found out while looking for a glass canister that her homegrrrl’s father just passed away too. I told her what I knew firsthand: Be gentle with yourself, grieve when you want and know that Daddy’s Girls never get over the loss of our fathers. I got teary eyed, but felt like it was destiny that I saw her right then. When I got home my neighbor was telling me she had to rush to the Bronx to comfort her friend whose father suddenly passed that morning. Hearing about the transitions of three men who were obviously so beloved by their daughters reminded me of my essay that I wrote about my daddy and how he made me the woman of my dreams. Because I feel like the universe is beckoning, I am reposting the story today. May they all rest in power and in peace. Happy Friday. Be stupendous… for them and for yourselves!

“Lingering Father’s day Thought”
I didn’t want to blog about Father’s Day, but these last few days all I seem to think about is my daddy and it’s causing me to have major writer’s block. I don’t know why I didn’t want to write about my father. Well actually I do. There are a ton of reasons and the underlying theme is that it’s a personal thing. As many of you know my dad just transitioned last year and writing about it could be cathartic or it could be like scratching a newly formed scab. The not knowing has been reason enough, at least up to now, to keep my thoughts to myself. Well anyway every time I talk about my dad and… (Click HERE for full story)

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  • Melinda Weekes
    October 3rd, 2010 5:02 pm

    Beautifully done, Nicole. I hadnt seen the original ode to your dad until just now. Having known your Dad, I can see how you and Dimitri were the apples of his eye, and him, yours. Thanks for repping for Daddies Little Girls everywhere. Love you!