October 18, 2010

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Sophia Stewart: Mother of The Matrix

Last Monday I got into a very interesting discussion about Sophia Stewart– the self-proclaimed “Mother of the Matrix.” She is the woman who claims that The Terminator and The Matrix were both her ideas and that they were stolen by James Cameron and The Wachowski Brothers respectively. Wanting to find out more about her case I did some research on her earlier this year and stumbled upon her court records. I was flabbergasted. Not only did Ms. Stewart not win her case she failed to show up for her hearing! How do you just not show up with so much on the line? On top of that, her team of attorneys failed to submit “sufficient evidence” to the judge who was still willing to have a hearing despite the lack of evidence to further explore testimony and any new evidence. The case was dismissed and far as I can tell, an appeal has not been filed. Although this is official public record, the Internet with its blogs, tweets and Facebook updates would have us believe a very different story. It seems many folks are still adamantly convinced that Sophia showed Hollywood’s Good Boys who is the real mastermind of post-apocalyptic Neo genius– a Black woman. In terms of urban folklore Sophia’s victory is of Candy Man proportions—epic, real and so, so serious. “Prove it! And say ‘Morpheus’ three times in front of a mirror,” I’m taunted by newly irrational friends. I share the link to the court docs and to Snopes, a site which disproves many urban myths and I get no response. Time after time I feel like I’m telling a child Santa doesn’t exist. It always ends in heartbreak.

So I asked the room full of women: “Why do so many folks believe so fervently in Sophia Stewart’s triumph when, with one Google search, it’s clear she lost her case?” One friend responded: “It’s modern day reparations. We need to believe somebody got their 40 acres.” Another sister-friend chimed in, “It’s our way of (re-)claiming what is rightfully ours.”

Maybe because last Monday was Columbus Day. Maybe because I was sipping some good red wine. Whatever the reason I finally understood why this urban myth just won’t die. It’s Black folks, Native Americans, Latinos, heck people of color, needing to know one of us got their due and beat The Man!

Even still, knowing that Stewart lost, hasn’t diminished my belief in the power, brilliance and truth that is Black Genius. We created the Pyramids, mathematics, rock & roll, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the refrigerator, hiphop, Killer Of Sheep and Bitches Brew. So okay we may not have come up with The Terminator, but we are still masterminds.

Of course it does not help that the Matrix Mama herself is going around speaking of her victory. She says this on her Facebook Page:

“I am the true source of Matrix & Terminator. I won both cases! The Third Eye Book will be available in three weeks or less.” She continues: “I am the revelation of TRUTH soaring at light speed within the elegant resonance of stillness–this is my abundant Recourse!”

Someone named Kyle responds:

“No ma’am you own no legal copyright. You lost your case, you may have filed an appeal but until that goes through you hold no legal right over The Matrix or Terminator.”

Sophia then goes ballistic:

“I am an Oracle whether anyone wants to believe it or not. I am a Prophetess, some will believe and some will not. I won because I am the creator and I am the only one that holds the legal copyrights to the Matrix and the Terminator whether or not the Court system acknowledges it. I will MAKE MATRIX4. I am here to share my vision with those that have taken the red pill. If you choose to take the blue pill…be my guest… go back to sleep.”

Girlfriend can spit some convincing fire, but from the sound of things, I think she may have taken both the red pill and the blue pill. What do you think? Do you believe?

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  • Christa Bell
    October 18th, 2010 5:12 pm


  • Jessica
    October 18th, 2010 5:20 pm

    She sounds like a nutter.

  • sharon
    October 18th, 2010 7:18 pm

    Yeah, she won just like I’m going to get a check in the mail from Bill Gates for forwarding an email.

  • Anita Bryantn
    October 18th, 2010 7:47 pm

    This is so sad because it makes me questioned both sides. Sophia is not helping with her out of this world responses. There was some evidence if they had a court case.

  • Gail
    October 18th, 2010 8:48 pm

    hmmm…sistah sounds a lil’ bit cray cray.

  • Fanon Che Wilkins
    October 19th, 2010 12:57 am

    po thang!

  • toddwilson
    October 22nd, 2010 8:03 am

    Anyone who believes she won has taken the blue pill and works at Cyberdyne Systems.

  • Lizzie
    November 6th, 2010 6:17 pm

    some of u guys just dont geddit?!!! the facts are Sophia won and its not for the courts to decide as they are outta whack..but for the average man on the street to do so…she has presented her case in the book and copies of copyright registrations – as would be requested in a working court.

    I have also had my own works infinged in London (am London based) and in the States and when i took it to the courts in London, the Lower judge told the other sides lawyer in an aside NOT TO comply with the Order of the Court but to throw the request..he cant of course do that.Then when we got to the Summary judgement heaing the Judge (henderson)perverted the Courts again, he said Yes Ms Obisanya u won but I will not give it to u..and then proceeded to gag me from speaking about it… they then filed my bankrptcy so that any time to pursue it lapses but God is great and great in works of Justice…anyway i also wrote a book—Can I have my Cashback back please?
    my point i this it is still a black v white issue, not just in the U.k but in the State with the 42 USC 1983 code where blacks civil rights can be voilated by the judge in Britain it is Section 19c Of the Race Relations Amendment Act.

    We have overcome tho..be not sad or fearful.

    Shall I go on?..then there is the discovery that the British courts arent even valid due to the 1700 settlements act and the pope..Looooooong story,,,
    in concluding Ms Stewart won –we the people ruled.(rightously and) not just bcos she is black but bcos the evidence presented shows it to be her work…true