December 23, 2010

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Holiday Hotness: Who’s Your Santa, Baby?

Whether you’re naughty or nice, a youngin’ bah-humbugin’, or an older head singin Fa-La-La’s, we all want and like getting gifts. Don’t front! Yeah giving feels just as good as receiving, but dang getting a present, especially when it’s least expected is the shiznit! The wondrous beauty of being a child is their honest naivete. Remember those long, detailed Christmas Lists we used to write asking Santa Claus for all our hearts’ desires—an Easy Bake Oven, a Chrissy doll, a Merlin, a pair of Sergio Valente jeans. So what happens when you get grown? Well besides a mailbox full of bills, slower metabolisms and paying taxes, we are confronted with the reality that there ain’t no Santa. The only Christmas Lists that exists are the ones that our children now give us. All of a sudden we wake up and we’re Santa fulfilling the wishes of our children. And even if you don’t have children or never believed in Kris Kringle, the fact is we all have our fantasy gift list. Instead of writing a Christmas list some of us now play PowerBall or hit the casino hard in hopes of being able to cross off a couple of items on that List. There are those who have even replaced the notion of Santa with a Sugar Daddy and will drop it like it’s hot to get that iPad. Oh close your mouths you know it’s true! Santa rewards lil girls for being good and Sugar Daddies reward women for being naughty. That’s real talk and if I had more time and wasn’t feeling the bliss of spiked eggnog, I would go into this further, but that’s not what this post is all about.

I feel as adults we are rarely asked what we want and desire– like wishes are only for children. And as women we are seen as the givers and nurturers and so we rarely get nurtured or even asked what we want. A mother of two has desires and it’s probably more than a bouquet of flowers? A single globetrotting sister has her wish list too and locking down a man and having good sex may not even be on that List (sorry Steve Harvey and Cosmopolitan). Somehow when we stopped writing our Christmas Lists we forgot that’s it’s okay to wish for and even ask for our hearts desires—material and philosophical. We all should have that List though. Whether they are now in the form of Vision Boards or just something we keep in the far recesses of our minds, I say keep a gift list. I believe if nothing else, it keeps us imaginative, in tune with our desires and young at heart. Every Christmas I write a gift wish list (I want an iPad, green tea and fig candles by Georgia, that cure for AIDS they discovered in Berlin to be confirmed, made into standard practice and available to ALL those infected in the world, and lastly, a kiss under the mistletoe that’ll turn into a lifetime of companionship, love and babies) and so I thought it would be cool this year to ask a few of my homegirls what’s on their hypothetical Christmas List. Check it out:


    Hiphop MC and Bay Area native, Mystic’s debut “Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom” proved she could rhyme with the best of them. She can also cook Bobby Flay under a grill and has no problem raising her voice in the face of injustice. What does she want for Christmas?

    1. Thin sterling silver bangles.

    2. Homemade bath and body products from my mom (bath salt, body scrub, and Goddess balm). My mom makes all of these by hand and with all organics…these cannot be bought!

    3. A handmade cast iron wok.

    4. A tree tomato plant.

    5. Fresh hearts of palm from Costa Rica.

    6. Donations to Omeid International and the Amin Institute. “A gift for me that helps others.”


    Poet, publisher & proud mama this Detroit native is always on the go either promoting her recent one-woman show “God Is Not American” or biking with her son to the D’s beautiful waterfront. This is her Christmas List.

1. To get the support and funding for my literacy program, Define Your Legend, though The Jess Care Moore Foundation.

2. To finish writing my memoir, “Love is Not the Enemy” (my literary agent is my “Santa” lol)

3. To develop a healthy relationship with a fantastic man, I’d consider having a second baby with.

4. Roundtrip tickets for me and my son to travel to Europe (France) to practice our French for a few months, as well as West Africa.

5. Complete my MFA.


    This style innovator is the founder and Creative Director of When she’s not blogging for or reporting from the red carpet for Centric TV, you can probably find the 40-pounds lighter Taurean at the gym working it out. Here’s what she wants:

1. My grandmother’s recipes. She recently passed and no one can find the box she used to keep them in.

2. These last 10lbs to melt away magically overnight even if I stuff my face for the next ten days.

3. An all expenses paid trip to Thailand.

4. My title: Style Expert/On-Air Host/Fashion Blogger

Love, Peace and Joy to you this Season!

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  • Karla D.
    December 27th, 2010 7:05 pm

    Beautiful piece Cousin. I’m writing my wish list right now. Love ya